Feast Day Dates

  1. Angels & Archangels [Feast Day: 29th September]
  2. Bl. Antonio Rosmini [Feast Day: 9th July]
  3. Christ The King [Feast Day: Sunday between 20th and 27th November]
  4. Christmas – Infant Jesus [Feast Day: 25th December]
  5. Divine Mercy [Feast Day: Sunday immediately after Easter Sunday]
  6. Express Novena of St Mother Teresa [ A one-day, any-day Novena]
  7. For Priests [May be said at any time]
  8. Holy Souls In Purgatory [Feast Day: 2nd November]
  9. Holy Spirit [Feast Days: Baptism of Jesus & Pentecost]
  10. Immaculate Conception [Feast Day: 8th December]
  11. Infant of Prague [Novena: A one-day, any time Novena.]
  12. Our Guardian Angel [Feast Day: 2nd October]
  13. Our Lady of Fatima [Feast Day: 13th May]
  14. Our Lady of Guadalupe [Feast Day: 12th December]
  15. Our Lady of Knock [Feast Day: 21st August]
  16. Our Lady of Lourdes [Feast Day: 11th February]
  17. Our Lady of Mount Carmel [Feast Day: 16th July]
  18. Our Lady of Perpetual Help [Feast Day: 27th June]
  19. Our Lady of the Epiphany [Feast Day: 6th January]
  20. Precious Blood of Jesus [Feast Day: Previously 1st Jul, now removed from Roman Calendar]
  21. Sacred Heart of Jesus [Feast Day: 19days after Pentecost – a Friday]
  22. St Agatha [Feast Day: 5th February]
  23. St Alphonsus de Liguori [Feast Day: 1st August]
  24. St Andrew The Apostle [Feast Day: 30th November]
  25. St Anne [Feast Day: 26th July]
  26. St Anne & St Joachim [Feast Day: 26th July]
  27. St Anthony Mary Claret [Feast Day: 24th October]
  28. St Anthony of Padua [Feast Day: 13th June]
  29. St Benedict [Feast Day: 11th July]
  30. St Bernadette Soubirous [Feast Day: 16th April]
  31. St Blaise [Feast Day: 3rd February]
  32. St Bonaventure [Feast Day: 15th July]
  33. St Bridget of Sweden [Feast Day: 23rd July]
  34. St Catherine of Siena [Feast Day: 29th April]
  35. St David of Wales [Feast Day: 1st March]
  36. St Dymphna [Feast Day: 15th May]
  37. St Francis de Sales [Feast Day: 24th January]
  38. St Francis Xavier [Feast Day: 3rd December]
  39. St George [Feast Day: 23rd April]
  40. St Joseph [Feast Day: 19th March]
  41. St Jude The Apostle [Feast Day: 28th October]
  42. St Margaret Mary Alacoque [Feast Day: 17th Oct – Visitation Order]
  43. St Maria Goretti [Feast Day: 6th July]
  44. St Martin de Porres [Feast Day: 3rd November]
  45. St Nicholas of Myra [Feast Day: 6th December]
  46. St Oliver Plunkett [Feast Day: 1st July]
  47. St Paul [Feast Day: 29th June]
  48. St Padre Pio of Pietrelcina [Feast Day: 23rd September]
  49. St Patrick [Feast Day: 17th March]
  50. St Peregrine of Laziosi [Feast Day: 1st May]
  51. St Peter The Apostle [Feast Day: 29th June.]
  52. St Philip Neri [Feast Day: 26th May]
  53. St Philomena [Feast Day: 11 August]
  54. St Rita of Cascia [Feast Day: 22nd May]
  55. St Roch [Feast Day: 16th August]
  56. St Rose of Lima [Feast Day: 23rd August]
  57. St Teresa of Avila [Feast Day: 15th October]
  58. St Thérèse – The Little Flower [Feast Day: 1st October]
  59. St Thomas More [Feast Day: 22nd June]
  60. St Vincent de Paul [Feast Day: 27th September]
  61. St Teresa of Calcutta [Feast Day: 5th September]
  62. Three Magi (Wise Men or Kings) [Feast Day: 6th January]