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  • John Climacus St John Climacus was a seventh century Monk residing at St Catherine's Monastery on Mount… More ...

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Most Holy Body And Blood Of Jesus
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SUNDAY GOSPEL: Jesus Raises Lazarus

(26th March 2023)

"Fifth Sunday of Lent"
“Everyone needs thirty minutes of prayer a day, except when they are busy. Then they need an hour”. (St Francis de Sales)

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  • Black Jesus Pax Christi (Peace of Christ) thank us for our support at St Joseph’s and… More ...

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The Poor:

Young Indian girl writing with pencil

Nakushi” is our personal reminder to never forget the world’s poor. Yes, we all need prompting!

The name comes from the Indian Marathi language. It is a highly degrading and humiliating slang term meaning “UNWANTED”.

Sadly, many poor families will suffer huge pressures today, tonight and tomorrow. They lack simple basic needs – clothing, food, shelter… your help will cost $1 for one meal.

Thank You

NOTE: All our help projects are administration Cost-FREE. Donations are entirely used for food, clothing, education and occasional other basics. All projects are delivered by Volunteers and monitored through local Church Communities.

Inspire Others By Your Actions.