Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Jesus, A Light For You

Lord Jesus, look kindly on my work and the work of my friends today.

Flickering Candle

Help us in our difficulties and decisions.

May this candle be a light for you to enlighten me. May it be a fire for you to burn out of me all pride, selfishness and impurity. May it be a flame for you to bring warmth into my heart; warmth towards my family, my neighbours and all whom I meet.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Jesus, through the hands of Mary, Virgin and Mother, I place in your care, this, my special intention… (Share your request…)

By sharing this candle, I wish to give you something of myself; the love in my heart.

Jesus, help me to live close to you in prayer today. 

… Thank You, Jesus. Amen. …

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Recent Requests:

  1. Tera

    I ask for forgiveness from our Almighty Father. Bring peace to my family, friends and myself. Amen.

  2. Paul

    May Pope Francis’ today’s prayers be heard by Jesus. Amen.

  3. Taz

    I pray that people will see all peoples regardless of their religion, colour, ability or other as equal and worthy of the same respect as themselves. Lord hear my prayer.

  4. Mary

    I pray for PW and his family departed. May they Rest in Peace. Amen.

  5. Tess

    I pray for my work friends and colleagues. May we always respect each other and support each other.

  6. Joseph

    Protection of my Family, Strengthen my Faith to God the Almighty 🙏
    I pray for my sister Cecilia who is Hospitalised for Quick recovery 🙏

  7. Mrs J

    Velankanni Mathavae My brother is going thru Alchol addictions and mental emotional disorders. Please intercede for my brother. Save my brother from his destructions. Safe guard and protect my Mom and Dad. AVA MARIA

  8. Brenda

    Thank you Jesus for the gifts and blessings received. St Anthony pray for all lost souls.

  9. Lib

    I pray for CC,MG, JD and all my familyand friends. May they honour and praise you God Our Father forever.

  10. Harri

    O Lord My God, guide those managing our elections. May they be honest to the people of our country and fairness reign. Amen

  11. Noel

    I pray for GM, JG and PBD. May their souls and all the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace.

  12. Cath

    Jesus as you suffered on calvary, have mercy now on Deb. Bring her peace and restore her to good health.

  13. Lorrie

    May the souls of those who lost their lives in my home disaster be saved. Lord look kindly on them.

  14. Y

    I pray for the mental and physical health of healing for my daughter. I pray for guidance, peace and love for her and daughter. Thank you

  15. Pat

    May the soul of GMG (New York) who died on Sunday rest in peace. Lord also comfort her family at this distressing time.

  16. Vivian

    I pray that my family will come to understand their selfishness today will be their downfall tomorrow. Lord hear my prayer.

  17. Alex

    I pray to St dismas to stop me being a thief please help me stop am trying my best thank you 🙏🏼 🙏🏼

  18. judith

    I pray for financial help so that I can provide a home and financial security for Me and my Son. Amen.

  19. A .S

    I prayer that the doctors know how to stop my cancer from coming back. I have been fighting cancer for 20 years and am in pain every day.

  20. Terence

    I pray for my Mum and Dad. May they rest in peace, reaping the rewards or eternal joy in heaven.

  21. Una

    I pray for all who teach our Christian faith to us. May they be filled with the Holy Spirit and preach God’s true messageas Jesus taught.

  22. Jeanette

    I ask for prayers for my Daughter Jenna to break free from all the evil that has a hold over her in Texas, and make our mother and daughter bond stronger.

  23. Toni

    I pray for my family and all who suffer mental health illness. May the Lord strengthen their self-belief and heal them of their afflictions.

  24. Amelia

    I pray for an end to all wars throughout the whole world.

  25. Lisa

    I pray God, guide me in my many daily thoughts. May they be prayerful and respecting of all peoples.

  26. Anna

    Help me Jesus, to find You in my work today. May everything that I do be for your great adoration and in keeping with your Gospel teachings.

  27. Maria

    Blessing and healing Prayers for Patricia and her grandmother, Sheilagh, who passed away, and share their birthday on 30 May.

  28. Tony

    Pray for the health and conversion of my children and family. None go to mass or practice the sacraments.
    My son is mentally ill and my youngest daughter is studying for A level exams. Pray for the souls in purgatory my they be relieved of there suffering and entre heaven soon.

  29. Sasha

    Lord Jesus, my God, I pray. Mary all that I do today be for your greater honor and glory. Amen

  30. Ed

    Please pray that our Lady and Jesus will help me through these troublesome times. Amen.

  31. Brenda

    Thank you God for this another beautiful day, full of the life you created. Thank you for my life. Amen.

  32. Manny

    Tomorrow I have a job interview. I pray I will be successful and support my family who have been very supportive of me in the past.

  33. Toni

    I pray for the happy repose of the soul of Ivan, dear brother and father. Have mercy Jesus on him.

  34. Jon

    I pray for honest government in my country and a leadership that will help young people, the homeless and the poor. A governament that will treat all people as equals.

  35. Brenda

    Please pray for Joseph who is homeless pray a house comes up soon he is vulnerable and full of anxiety thank you Amen

  36. virginia l

    Pls Lord a Financial Miracle is Urgently Needed. We have Lost Everything but, Our Faith! Pls Protect My Chilfren and Keep them Safe. Pls I Beg U to Hear My Cries! I know it’s In Your Time, but, Here On Earth We R Running Out of Time! Days have become Months, Months have turned into Years! Pls I Thank You From The Bottom of My Heart 🙏🏽

  37. Marie

    Lord Jesus, I pray, help me in my examinations, help me to recall and answer the questions correctly. With your blessing, I can do your will.

  38. Tina

    I pray for Gennie and ask you to join with me. May she make a speedy recovery from her health and addiction problems. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

  39. Nell

    Lord God, have mercy on the souls of my family who have passed to their next life. Forgive them their indescretions so they may glorify you forever.

  40. Patrick

    I pray for the happy repose of the soul of Dan who died this morning. May God in the tenderness of His mercy, hold you close to his heart for ever and ever. Amen

  41. Linda

    St Rita, pray with me for my family and friends. May we find true happiness in and with each other. Amen.

  42. Lynn O.

    Pray for me as a Mother as I too like St.Rita know the pain of a sons resentment from his Father’s trying to destroy my son’s love for us to have.

  43. Christopher

    Needs urinary tract restoring for incontinence due to physically injured for my son, Christopher. Bring specialist surgeon in reconstruction surgery. Thank you for praying.

  44. Ogwe

    I pray for my husband. Please have mercy on him and bring him back home. I pray for my visa application to be granted. In Jesus Christ name I pray Amen.

  45. AJ

    I pray for Dalton for his deliverance and healing.

  46. Marie

    Saint Rita on your feast day please help me to become a successful candidate with Telstra as I had my interview last week and they liked me. St Rita st charbel and all the saints including Jesus and our mother Mary. May you all on this special feast day help and keep my sister pPaty in your prayers… that she gets offered a permanent Full time or part time staff member due to being awesome with her job.

  47. Patricia

    I pray for the end to all wars; often made in the name of peace! Lord open our leaders eyes to your ways.

  48. Laura

    I pray for Pope Francis and all who minister within the Catholic Church. Guide them in their actions Lord.

  49. Toni

    St Rita of the impossible, guide me to a happier life. A life free from hunger and abuse.

  50. James

    I pray to you my Lord Jesus Christ, my God, my Creator. Have mercy on the souls of my family and friends. Grant to them a place in your heavenly home. Amen.

  51. Ellen

    Mary Queen of Heaven, present John to your Son. He died praying to you in the Holy Rosary, just ashe did every day of his adult life. Amen.

  52. AM

    For a new FT job, esp. in the Albany, NY region.

  53. Briege

    I pray for all of my Parish children who will be making their First Holy Communion today. Holy Spirit, enlighten them with your power, keep them in your loving care forever. Amen

  54. Maria

    I pray…for my own small and humble home, with a fenced in yard, so that I can visit an animal shelter, and adopt a dog for my own.

  55. Terry

    Our Lady Queen of Heaven, pray for us, our children and our childrens children. Keep us in your loving care. Amen.

  56. Serene

    I pray for all the souls in purgatory, my family, my friends and all who do not know about God the Father, his Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Amen

  57. Mel

    Lord God Almighty, be merciful to all children and families suffering in the midst of war all around them. Keep them safe Lord.

  58. Anne

    I pray for an end my anxiety..that i may have peace of mind..also for toms mental health.please help me dear lord

  59. Bernie

    I pray for BP and DD. May they and the souls of all my family and friends departed Rest In Peace. Amen.

  60. Serena

    Help the sick and those unable to leave their home, Lord Jesus. Help the poor and children, Lord Jesus.

  61. Ryan

    Risen Jesus, renew our determination to help the poor, lonely and sick. Guide our leaders to prioritise the needs of all peoples not just a few winners.

  62. Lieve

    I pray for my mother and father, that they are enjoying the rewards of Heaven as Jesus promised. Amen

  63. Neve

    May Almighty God have mercy on your servants JJ and PB. They gave of their best for your greater glory and honour. Forgive them their little indescretions. Amen

  64. Barry

    I pray for DG’s speedy recovery to good health and return to his daily work. Lord assist him at this time of agong.

  65. Clare

    I pray for the restoration of a friendship and for complete healing.

  66. Guy

    I pray for my daughter Mary, to find a good husband and take better care of herself.
    May the Holy name of Jesus be infinitely blessed. Amen

  67. Jerri

    May the soul of all the faithfully departed rest in peace forever. Lord have mercy on them.

  68. Francis

    I pray for Padraig & Catriona on this their wedding day. May they enjoy a lifetime of blessings together and in union with their family. Amen.

  69. Kate

    I pray for the millions of homeless throughput the world. Lord have mercy on them.

  70. Peter

    I pray for the happy repose of the soul of Pat, 25yrs old. May he Rest in Peace. Amen

  71. Joanna

    For those who are housebound, those unable to attend Mass today and those who no longer go to Mass, I pray. May they find peace in their lives.

  72. Joseph

    I pray for the blessing of a happy death; being able to receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist and Confess my sins in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Lord hear my prayer.

  73. May

    I pray, may my baby be born safely and healthy this week. And may she grow up to love and serve you God forever.

  74. Angela

    Lord, I pray for peace in my home, my head and my heart. Lord, have mercy.