Prayer For Pope Francis

Almighty God, 
look kindly on your servant Pope Francis. 
You invited him to shepherd Your flock. 
Guide and protect him in his daily work. 
Inspire him in Your ways to embrace Church unity.

Loving God,
assist Pope Francis in his constant effort,
to enlighten and strengthen Your Church and its people.
Open the eyes of non-believers so that together,
peace and harmony will prevail throughout our world.

Merciful God,
may the splendour of your Son’s resurrection,
continue to illuminate all our lives.
May our thoughts, words and actions,
bear daily witness to the new life You gave us.

Eternal God,
hear our prayer and the prayers of Pope Francis.
May they be a worthy addition to the chorus of song
among the angels and saints as we seek your help and grace.
We make this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, the true and everlasting Light.

… Almighty God, our light, our destiny …

Annual Prayer Intentions:

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