Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Pope Francis’ 2025 Monthly Intentions

Pope Francis 2013


For The Right To An Education
Let us pray for migrants, refugees and those affected by war, that their right to an education, which
is necessary to build a better world, might always be respected.


For Vocations To The Priesthood And Religious Life.
Let us pray that the ecclesial community might welcome the desires and doubts of those young people who feel a call to serve Christ’s mission in the priesthood and religious life.


For Families In Crisis
Let us pray that broken families might discover the cure for their wounds through forgiveness, rediscovering each other’s gifts, even in their differences.


For The Use Of New Technologies
Let us pray that the use of the new technologies will not replace human relationships, will respect the dignity of the person, and will help us face the crises of our times.


For Working Conditions
Let us pray that through work, each person might find fulfilment, families might be sustained in dignity, and that society might be humanized.


That The World Might Grow In Compassion
Let us pray that each one of us might find consolation in a personal relationship with Jesus, and from his Heart, learn to have compassion on the world.


For Formation In Discernment
Let us pray that we might again learn how to discern, to know how to choose paths of life and reject everything that leads us away from Christ and the Gospel.


For Mutual Coexistence
Let us pray that societies where coexistence seems more difficult might not succumb to the temptation of confrontation for ethnic, political, religious or ideological reasons.


For Our Relationship With All Of Creation
Let us pray that, inspired by Saint Francis, we might experience our interdependence with all creatures who are loved by God and worthy of love and respect.


For Collaboration Between Different Religious Traditions
Let us pray that believers in different religious traditions might work together to defend and promote peace, justice and human fraternity.


For The Prevention Of Suicide
Let us pray that those who are tempted to commit suicide might find the support, care and love they need in their community, and be open to the beauty of life.


For Christians In Areas Of Conflict
Let us pray that Christians living in areas of war or conflict, especially in the Middle East, might be seeds of peace, reconciliation and hope.

His Holiness Pope Francis (December 2023)