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St Nicholas of Myra

Background: St Nicholas was Bishop of Myra, Turkey. He was a very devout man, maintaining a rigorous routine of prayer and fasting. He performed numerous miracles during his lifetime earning himself the name of Wonder Worker. He had a reputation for giving gifts including, secretly putting coins in stranger’s shoes overnight, thus, his connection to Santa Claus. His Feast Day is 6th December.

Small Red-coloured Cross

St Nicholas, an all-praised and all-honoured wonder worker, Saint of Christ, man of God, man of love, faithful servant, pillar of the Church, star that illumines and enlightens the whole world. You were a righteous man that flourished and from whom ever-flowed the grace of God.

Image of St Nicholas

St Nicholas, we glorify and magnify you as a hope for all Christians, speedy helper, fervent intercessor, good shepherd, a fountain of miracles, a defender of the faithful, a most wise teacher, a feeder of the hungry, provider of the naked, healer of the sick, liberator of prisoners, gentle tutor of children, support of the aged, abundant riches of the poor and needy.

St Nicholas, hearken unto us who pray to you and seek your protection. Mediate on our behalf with the Most High, and obtain all that we need for the salvation of our souls.

(Share your request…) but, may the will of our Almighty Father be done.

Keep us, we humbly ask, from all oppression through your mediation with the All-Merciful God and your fervent intercession and protection.

St Nicholas, as a watchful and good shepherd, protect us from enemies and pestilence, earthquakes and famine, flood and fire, the sword and invasions, and, in all our misfortunes and afflictions, give us a helping hand to open the doors of God’s compassion; for we are unworthy to look upon the height of Heaven because of the multitude of our sins.

St Nicholas, we bend the knees of our broken and humble heart to our Maker, and ask your fatherly intercession lest we perish with our sins. Deliver us from all evil. Direct our minds and strengthen our hearts. Graciously help us to live a peaceful life and see the good things in the land of the living, glorifying the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen.

… St Nicholas of Myra, Pray for Us …