Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

St Bridget of Sweden

History: St Bridget was born into a very wealthy landowner family in Uppland, Sweden. She married at the age of 14 and bore eight children. Two of her children died in infancy and her husband died when she was 34.

Following her husband’s death, St Bridget joined the Order of St Francis and devoted herself to a life of prayer and caring for the sick and poor. She founded the Bridgettine Nuns and Monks.

St Bridget had many visions from childhood, most notably of the nativity of Jesus and of purgatory. Her Feast Day is the 23rd of July.

Small Red-coloured Cross

St. Bridget, Bride of Christ, your life was centred around honouring the wounds of Jesus.
Intercede before our Wounded Lord and ask Him to forgive us for the times when we failed to recognise his presence or accept his help and the times when we sinned against Him, causing increased pain.

Icon of St Bridget of Sweden

St Bridget, implore Jesus in His mercy to bestow upon us a reverence and devotion to His Sacred Wounds.
Help us to carry our crosses with love.
Please tell Jesus that we love Him and thank Him for the pain and humiliation He endured for our sake.

St. Bridget, we humbly ask you to lay our petitions (State your request… ) at the feet of the Risen Jesus where we know you will be warmly received. Amen.

Pray: Our Father…, Hail Mary…, Glory be to the Father…

… St Bridget of Sweden: Pray for Us …