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♥ The Philippines

More than 20% of the country’s people are officially classed as poor (January 2018). The population is around 105 million.

“The Philippines has an abandoned children problem. About 1.8 million children in the country, more than 1% of its entire population, are “abandoned or neglected,” according to the United Nations’ Children’s Rights & Emergency Relief Organization.” (Los Angeles Times: 28th May 2016)

It’s not difficult to find the poor, it’s a greater challenge to find lasting ways to help them. Here are a few of our support works delivered with the kind help of Parishes, Philippine Businesses, volunteers and the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor:

1. Street Children

They are generally unwanted, even despised. Many will come under the control of syndicates, be abused, get involved in crime, some will be imprisoned and disease and illnesses will follow them daily.

One night in July 2015, outside a city hotel entrance, a group of young boys used the protective covering as a safe place to sleep. The security guard probably knew them well, he walked around and stepped over them at will.

A young boy sleeping in relative safety outside a store.
A young boy using cardboard as a bed as he sleeps in relative safety outside a store.
Young boys sleeping on the pavement outside a store.
A passerby leaves breakfast for a young boy asleep on the pavement outside a store.

Many thousands will sleep on the streets tonight.

Cost: One Meal = One Dollar. A small donation for breakfasts: $10, $20…

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