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3. Monthly Assistance For Disabled In Their Homes:

We provide a small monthly allowance through CARITAS Vietnam to poor and disabled people who depend entirely on others generosity for their daily needs. Our support is delivered by a volunteer in the form of food and material essentials to identified families. Here are a few of their personal stories:

Young boy with encephalitis.

Name: Ho Le Xxxx My son is a congenital encephalitis sufferer, ethnic minority and living in an extremely poor situation. His neck is not strong like other children so, he cannot straighten or rotate his head back and forth. His father works as a hired labourer, caring for the whole family. His mother is his full-time career.

A Request: Any contribution will be very welcome for my son’s care and for finding effective ways to heal me.

Paralyzed child.

Name: Do Thi Xxxx I am a paralytic. I was born paralyzed. Over the years I became a vegetarian. My parents are old and weak. They can not do anything to take care of my grandparents and their grandchildren.

A Request:  Please share with me and my family in this misfortune, so that I can be still alive with my parents.

Aged paralysed woman.

Name: Trinh Xxxx I am a paralytic. I cannot take care of myself. I live alone and have been paralyzed for eight years. Everything that I need doing, I depend entirely on my neighbours. My family is very poor. 

My Request: Your help will help me to live a better life and support the people around me, who help me every day.

Aged paralyzed woman.

Name: Le Xxxx I am a paralytic. I am 87 years old. I was paralyzed by a stroke 10 years ago. My family is very poor and we have a hard life. I am living with a dumb child. I cannot serve myself. Lack of care, my life and my child have no hope. 

A Request: May you share with me this burden and give us some hopes.

Old paralysed man.

Name: Huynh Xxxx

I am a paralytic. I have been paralyzed for 10 years. I live with my disabled son. My family is very poor. For everyday food, I  rely on my son’s hired labourer and relatives to come and help. They are very kind.

A Request: Please help me have food to continue living.

Paralysed Adult.

Name: Tran Xxx

I am a general paralytic. I suffer from paralysis, congenital heart disease, over 20 years. My family takes care of me. I cannot serve myself. My family is poor and very difficult. My father has to work hard, to feed the whole family.

A Request: Please help my family to overcome difficulties, so that my mother’s burden can be released and she has more time to care for me.

Paralyzed stroke victim

Name:Nguyen Xxx I have been paralyzed for 7 years due to a stroke. My family is poor, my parents are old and my sister is sick. Life gets harder and harder. 

A Request: To have some hope of prolonging my life, please help me in support of my family and myself so that we can overcome this difficulty.

Old paralyzed woman.

Name: HuynhXxxx I am a paralytic, 91 years old and have been paralyzed for 11 years. I am completely helpless. I have a son with a disability. My daughter who already got married takes care of me. Seeing my daughter running day and night feeding the whole family and taking care of me, I am pain at heart. 

A Request:  Please help my family.

Paralyzed 15 year-old.

Name: Nguyen Xxxx I am a paralytic. I am 15 years old. I was paralyzed with a congenital brain problem. 15 years in one place. My family have many children. Life is more difficult when they all go to school unless myself. We don’t have a house, we are living in a rent.

A Request: Please help me and my family to overcome these economic difficulties.

Paralyzed adult.

Name: Le Xxxx I am a paralytic. I have been paralyzed for 3 years. I live with my elderly mother. I was completely helpless; this makes my mother extremely miserable. Lack of food, clothes, poor housing. My Family Support: My elderly mother takes care of me. It is very tiring and stressful for her.

A Request: Can you help me overcome this pain and hardship?

Annual Costs: As little as $10 per month is life-changing, extra food and personal care!

We are unable to assist all the disabled young people and adults from whom we receive requests. Can you help them?

Thank You For Your Help

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