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♥ The Philippines

More than 20% of the country’s people are officially classed as poor (January 2018). The population is around 105 million. It’s not difficult to find the poor, it’s a greater challenge to find lasting ways to help them.

Here are a few of our support works:

1. Providing For Malnourished Children

Around 100 children in this small poverty-stricken community receive our direct help, all have been assessed as malnourished or severely malnourished. Their families are among the poorest of the poor, most etching out a basic living by scavenging for metal and plastic on a nearby rubbish dump.

Workers at the front end of a garbage dump.
Workers close to machinery near dump front.
Workers surrounded by rubbish on dump.
A view from the top of the rubbish dump.
A worker sorting metals and plastic on the dump.
A flea-infested puppy on the rubbish dump.
A day-time shelter for a family on the garbage dump.
A family shop and cafe catering for the workers on the garbage dump.

Our provision includes a healthy daily meal in their nearby school as well as occasional basics such as clothing and footwear. Families and children eagerly accept the offer and gain an education in the process. The project is warmly delivered by The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor.

Annual Cost: $15,000

Can you contribute to our project costs or support our hope to extend this project to other poverty-stricken families?

2. Helping Street Children
A young boy sleeping in relative safety outside a store.
A young boy using cardboard as a bed as he sleeps in relative safety outside a store.
Young boys sleeping on the pavement outside a store.
A passerby leaves breakfast for a young boy asleep on the pavement outside a store.

Many thousands will sleep on the streets tonight.

Cost: One Meal = One Dollar. A small donation for breakfasts: $10, $20…

3. The Abandoned In Institutions
Hospitalised patients preparing to eat.
Hospitalised patients eating.
Volunteer workers preparing a meal.
Volunteers serving a meal.

Preparing and serving a meal at an orphanage, hospital or Care Centre. This meal was served to a group of 78 mentally disabled adults, living among hundreds of others with limited or no family connections.  

Cost: As little as $1 per meal for a warm and healthy lunch. [Can you help them?]

Thank You For Your Help