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Help Projects

4. School Uniform, Books and Occasional Gifts

Helping poor families purchase the essentials for school can be a life-changer. It can be the difference between a childhood spent on the streets and an education followed by a skilled job.

A few checks on the children during the school year by volunteers and a Christmas gift usually act as sufficient encouragement for them to stay in school; they are generally surprised that someone else cares.

Annual Cost: Books & Uniform per child = $20 for a whole year. [Can you help them?]

5. Food Hampers To Poor Families

The hamper we give may be stretched to last a family of three or four, for weeks! Poverty is often hidden, photographs can deceive! (December 2017)

Annual Cost: Food Hamper (50 Meals) or 50kg bag of rice = $50. Can you help them?

Thank You For Your Help

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