Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Philip Neri

To Know and Love Jesus

Small Yellow Cross

My Lord Jesus, I want to love You but You cannot trust me.
If You do not help me, I will never do any good.
I do not know You; I look for You but I do not find You.
Come to me, O Lord.
If I knew You, I would also know myself.
If I have never loved You before, I want to love You truly now.
I want to do Your will alone; putting no trust in myself, I hope in You, O
Lord. Amen.

Blessed Virgin Mary

St Philip Neri holding a Bible and Flowers.

Mary, I love you.
Mary, make me live in God, with God, and for God.
Draw me after you, holy mother.
O Mary, may your children persevere in loving you.
Mary, Mother of God and mother of mercy, pray for me and for the departed.
Mary, Holy Mother of God, be our helper.
In every difficulty and distress, come to our aid, O Mary. O Queen of Heaven, lead us to eternal life with God.
Mother of God, remember me, and help me always to remember you.
O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you.
Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray to Jesus for me.

(By St Philip Neri)

… St Philip Neri, Pray for Us …