Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Jesus, A Light For You

Lord Jesus, look kindly on my work and the work of my friends today.

Flickering Candle

Help us in our difficulties and decisions.

May this candle be a light for you to enlighten me. May it be a fire for you to burn out of me all pride, selfishness and impurity. May it be a flame for you to bring warmth into my heart; warmth towards my family, my neighbours and all whom I meet.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Jesus, through the hands of Mary, Virgin and Mother, I place in your care, this, my special intention… (Share your request…)

By sharing this candle, I wish to give you something of myself; the love in my heart.

Jesus, help me to live close to you in prayer today. 

… Thank You, Jesus. Amen. …

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Note: Prayer intentions of site users, are automatically included in our Daily Novena and regular Masses.

To submit a written request, turn it into a prayer for our Prayer Group, “I pray …“, using the “Leave a Reply” box below. (Max of 25 Words. Next day publication.)

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Recent Requests:

  1. Joe

    Please pray for all suffering in the hospitals of Gaza, Israel, Yemen, Ukraine and all war inflicted countries. Have mercy on the suffering, Lord.

  2. Cath

    Thank you My God for your grace of a successful life, children and grandchildren. May they all grow in greater love for you.

  3. Una

    Can you pray for my daughter’s baby’s happy birthday. May they both reap many rewards. Thank you God.

  4. Martha

    I am really desperate for someone to pray for Peter’s complete healing and restoration of his heart and brain, and for the Holy Spirit to touch him today so that his seizures stop, his infection heals and he can wake up healed and be back to himself soon in Jesus Christ name.

  5. Tim

    I pray a prayer of thanks to God for his unending love for me. I have many times disobeyed Him.

  6. Maxine

    Pray that my friend will receive the help she needs to pass all of her next week examinations and will be successful in her career. Thank you Jesus.

  7. Cheri

    Pray I will be financially more careful. Planning for tomorrow rather than selfishly spending all my money as I get it.

  8. Martha

    Peter had to have surgery to remove an infection but it caused a hole in his neck so he is breathing through tubes. He is also sedated because for a few minutes there was no oxygen to his brain so he was having multiple seizures. Please pray.

  9. Terry

    May the poor find food today and the sick find happiness. Thank you, Almighty Father.

  10. Max

    May all seafarers remain safe and at peace as they travel the seas for work or leasure.

  11. Melanine

    Inlude Gaza and Israel in your prayers again please. Thank you.

  12. Hana

    Please pray for Ms H, VT and TT. May the overcome their difficulties.

  13. Malini M

    My father is admitted to emergency room for heart condition. He has an implanted pacemaker and has been suffering with health conditions for many years. Please pray for his healing and recovery with God.

  14. Martha

    Please pray for Peter. He is in the hospital and under sedation awaiting MRI results. Pray in Jesus name that he may wake up and be healed.

  15. Martha

    My name is Martha and I am requesting prayer for Peter D. He is a very loved and hardworking father, son, brother and husband. He has been in the hospital since Friday. He had to have surgery to remove an infection but it caused a hole in his neck so he is breathing through tubes.

  16. Paula

    May the people of wars and fighting in Ukraine, Gaza, Israel, Yemen… find peace today. Open peoples hearts Lord God.

  17. Ella

    Can you pray for my pet dog that he will recover from his accident. He is very precious to me.

  18. Cindy

    Please pray for the conversion of sinners in my family. In Jesus name we pray. AMEN

  19. Manus

    Please keep HY, LA, PA, DP, MS, DJ, PL and JJ in your prayers. Thank you.

  20. Lorna

    Thank you Lord for your gift of my husband and children.

  21. Marnie

    Please pray for troubled John. May he find happiness in the gifts that surround him.

  22. Bridjett

    Lord, Fill Me With The Holy Spirit and Wisdom and Protect Our Hearts. Protect Us All From The Enemy. In Jesus Name I Pray

  23. Mari

    Can you join with our community as we pray for all the suffering victims of our many wars across the world.

  24. Toni

    Please pray for AP, her family and friends. Help them to see only You, our God.

  25. Joyce

    Tomorrow we go on a school trip. Too much excitement! Protect us Lord. Keep us safe. Thank you

  26. Rachel

    Please pray for all those suffering and in their last days of life. Welcome them God into your paradise.

  27. Mary

    Pray for the sick and lonely. May others seek them out and share a little love with them today.

  28. Anu

    Thank you for my examination success and coming holiday rest. Glory to God.

  29. Tina

    I humbly ask that you protect my family at this crossroads time of our lives. Show us the way, Lord.

  30. JC

    Thank you Almighty Father for the gift you granted to me. Guide me in my ongoing work.

  31. Adu

    Lord Jesus, comfort my family at this sad time. Have mercy on their mother suffering the loss of her child. RIP

  32. Trudi

    Lord have mercy on us; my family, friends and our warring world. Amen.

  33. Georgia

    Please pray for my family and friends and FG CC HMG. May peace flow in our world.

  34. Maureen

    For Devin and her baby boy

  35. Moira

    St Luke, pray for us today, your Feastday. Pray also for all peoples in your homeland of old. May they seek new ways to live together in harmony.

  36. Cath

    Please pray for all suffering children, the poor, unloved, sick and unwanted.

  37. Teresa

    Pray for the suffering in Gaza and Israel. May leaders follow the path of peace, of love thy enemy.

  38. Vernon

    Almighty Father, have mercy on the dead in the Gaza conflict. Open the eyes of those directing and those giving their support to the death of innocent people.

  39. Mary

    Please pray for God’s healing and God’s strength for Yvonne as she recovers from her heart surgery and please pray that the lord will make Yvonne more and more stronger every day and complete healing and restoration for Yvonnes whole body

  40. Max

    Pray that I will overcome my health problems and my tests will be negative next week. Thank you.

  41. Terri

    I pray for a life of doing Gods will and a happy death.

  42. Rianna

    Pray for the sick and dying. May they be consoled by Bod’s love for them.

  43. Mel

    The terrible human made disasters across the world, include in your prayers the many thousands of suffering.

  44. Tina

    Please pray for the Holy Souls in purgatory especially those with noone to pray for. Have mercy Lord.

  45. Penny

    Please keep PD, CM and all our family in your prayers this weekend. Thank you.

  46. Olivia

    I share a prayer of thanks for gifts received. May I be forever grateful. Thank you my God.

  47. Adrian

    Pray for the poor today. May they find food for their soul and body in equal proportions.

  48. Felicia

    Healings from all sickness, disease, infirmities and chronic skin and scalp acne allergies. Conversion of stone hearts like my hubby. Restoration of my Goa Property Jobs for seniors like me. Peace in Israel, the country, every home, all over the world…

  49. Allison

    Let’s keep the suffering children of wars in our prayers especially Palestine, Israel, Ukraine, and many more

  50. Tory

    Please pray for PD, who was urgently transferred to hospital. Through God’s grace, may she make a speedy recovery.

  51. Viola

    Our God, thank you for the food my family and I received today.

  52. Allyson

    I am seeking a favour from God. I pray that Claire can overcome her great injustice and be granted a happy life.

  53. Irena

    Please pray for AJ, DJ and JJ. May they enjoy peace in their hearts forever.

  54. Brent

    May my weekend be a great family success. Thank you Jesus

  55. Ogharu

    I pray for favour, open doors, light of God to overcome power of darkness, grace, peace, joy, glory, wisdom and understanding, infinite mercy upon my family and my life, I pray God… in Jesus name Amen

  56. Petch

    Give thanks to you Jesus for your many hidden blessings. Jesus I Trust In You.

  57. Peter

    Can you pray for the suffering women, children and disabled in Ukraine, Gaza, Israel and all war regions of the world. Thank you.

  58. Alice

    Keep praying for peace in Israel and Palestine. Open all hearts. Life is not for anger, distrust and fighting. Life is for love.

  59. Toni

    Can you include HF, AP, and AC in your prayers today. May they find healing.

  60. Geri

    Lord, protect little children from our wars in this world and may we come to know the wrongs that we do to them.

  61. Nuala

    Pray I will grow to love the people around me who often try to help me but I refuse to accept.

  62. Susie

    Prayer for my spine in my back prayer for my eyes with high blood pressure prayer for my online business and to paid all my bills

  63. Ahed

    Please pray for the families, the dead, the injured, the unknown, the suffering, the terrified, the children, the misled… and myself – all trapped in the Gaza/Israel war.

  64. Mike

    Have mercy Lord on the poor suffering people of Israel and Palestine. May the fighting stop and somehow, through You, peace be found.

  65. JOHN

    Please pray for me that both of my cataract surgeries goes smoothly and successfully without difficulties problems or complications… and that the Lord will reserve guard and protect my eyesight my vision and my retinas

  66. Maureen

    Have mercy on my Dad God Almighty. It’s his aniversary today.

  67. Joel

    May there be peace in the Holy Land. Pray that Israel will pull back from all out war and seek the path of long-term peace.

  68. Ahed

    Another earthquake killing thousands and placing thousands in poverty; this time in Afganistan. Have mercy Lord God.

  69. Felicia

    Plse also pray for Restoraton of my Goa property. Successful court case that caretaker takes off his case from us. We have no money to pay huge lawyers fees.

  70. Felicia

    Pray for transforming my wayward husband and children who have gone astray. My life is replica of St Monica. I too have promised to fast and pray to St Monica for my family.. God hear my cry and grant my petition.

  71. Jamil

    Please pray god cleanses my blood, Repairs any genetic/DNA damage… and restores to its healthy natural perfect state. Heals and restores… detoxifies and rids my body of all impurities… forgives and has mercy on me. Please pray this long term

  72. Bridie

    Please pray for all working tirelessly for others in hospitals, schools, community, home… Love them extra, God.

  73. Nell

    My great friend is in hospital following an accident, TY. Please pray for her quick recovery and return home. Amen.

  74. Muha

    How very sad watching the terrible fighting in Israel and Gaza. Can they ever find peace. God help us.

  75. Ken

    Please pray for peace in Jesus’ homeland. Open the hearts and minds of people on all sides.

  76. Noel

    May all who are poor find food and love today.

  77. Eddy

    For all who dislike and struggle at school, like me and my friend.

  78. Dee

    Keep MB in your prayers today as she receives her hospital test results. St Theresa guide.

  79. Trish

    Pray for migrants and all who feel they are unwanted.

  80. Aunie

    Please pray for my examination success this week so I can continue in my nursing course. A Big thanks.

  81. Treiva

    God’s beautiful world is in our hands. Pray we put His creation at the forefront of our daily thoughts; being kind to animals, plants and all around us.

  82. Mary

    May Pope Francis and all meeting in Rome this month be guided by God in their thoughts and actions.

  83. Viola

    Can you pray for all killed in recent road accidents including the tragic bus accident in Greece.

  84. Skyanna

    Please pray for the peace of Ahlilee and quick recovery with little pain

  85. John

    Let’s pray for Pope Francis who leads Church members at the Vatican Synod this month. May his actions be guided by the Holy Spirit.

  86. Maureen

    Help my family and friends through your prayers. CM, BD, MS, CR, AA, AD, and FA.

  87. Tai

    May peace reign in our careless world. Help the oppressed and unfortunate.

  88. Callum

    I give thanks for all my blessings. Lord Jesus, help those burdened by their loads. Strengthen their spirit.

  89. Wane

    Please pray for all suffering from the storms that destroyed many homes in our village last night. May we find help.

  90. Tuni

    May today be a day when everyone in the world says Thank You to God. How amazing if that would happen!

  91. Jo

    Add my friend CR to your prayers today. May she find healing and live life to the full feeling surrounded by love.

  92. Moira

    Can you pray with my family for TY, BD, MY, MY and ME. Thank you. Thank you Jesus for your help.

  93. Jenny

    Pray for all killed and injured in the Spanish club disaster. May all find answers and peace.

  94. Fran

    Please pray for suffering Claire. Strengthen her will.

  95. Ann

    Pray for the speedy recovery of Fr John, enable him to quickly return to his beloved Parish life.

  96. Liz

    Thank you Jesus for your past help. Now, I ask that you restore good health to my brothers and sister. May their pains go away.

  97. Mick

    Our world has many failings but also much good. Lord God, direct us in joyful ways to care more for your beautiful creations.

  98. Lorna

    Please pray for the victims of violence in heir own home. Soften the hearts and thoughts of the offenders Jesus.

  99. Tina

    Glory to You, God. Thank you for your tolerance and gifts.

  100. Martin

    I give thanks for the quick recovery of my wife from her recent operation. Thank you to my supportive family, friends and hospital staff.