Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Jesus, A Light For You

Lord Jesus, look kindly on my work and the work of my friends today.

Flickering Candle

Help us in our difficulties and decisions.

May this candle be a light for you to enlighten me. May it be a fire for you to burn out of me all pride, selfishness and impurity. May it be a flame for you to bring warmth into my heart; warmth towards my family, my neighbours and all whom I meet.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Jesus, through the hands of Mary, Virgin and Mother, I place in your care, this, my special intention… (Share your request…)

By sharing this candle, I wish to give you something of myself; the love in my heart.

Jesus, help me to live close to you in prayer today. 

… Thank You, Jesus. Amen. …

Prayer Request Box

Note: Prayer intentions of site users, are automatically included in our Daily Novena and regular Masses.

To submit a written request, turn it into a prayer for our Prayer Group, “I pray …“, using the “Leave a Reply” box below. (Max of 25 Words. Next day publication.)

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Recent Requests:

  1. Justin

    May my loved ones find peace and good health today. Amen

  2. Musa

    Pray that I will become more understanding and tolerant of my family.

  3. Poli

    Pray for Blz br Johnson, wife Leena, daughter Aleena, for marriage sr Kunjumol, health mother in law Mary, Thomas health, sr Wilcy her daughter Neetu for child and job blessing, cousin sr Valsama her children and health of new born baby.

  4. Malachy

    Will you pray for our beautiful Ceceila that she may recover and live a full and healthy life. Thank you.

  5. Jamie

    Pray for all displaced people today, the migrants and multiple victims of war across all continents of the world.

  6. Noah

    For the healthy pregnancy and childbirth of my nephew.

  7. Hugh

    Please pray for MS and his family who was killed in a car accident. May all find reason, understanding and peace. God have mercy.

  8. Li

    As we venture into our new world of study at University, keep us safe and following your ways Lord – FR, BY, HT, MM and MC. Thank You.

  9. Tillie

    Can you pray for my husband and I. May we reconcile and return to our loving ways forever.

  10. Trevor

    Be kind Lord to all those suffering today; sick, no food, no shelter, no love. Have mercy Lord.

  11. Dacosta

    I am asking God to help me find a missing laptop which was given to me for office duties.
    Thank you

  12. Mike

    May the Lord find mercy within His heart and cleans my son of his chronic pain. Fill his soul with hope that he may live his life in peace. Amen

  13. Priscilla

    May the Lord have mercy on my suffering friend GB. May she make a full recovery and return to a warm family homecoming.

  14. David

    Pray for all children that they will be treated with kindness and love, free from physical and mental abuse.

  15. Viola

    Let’s pray for free and fair forthcoming elections in my country. May all politicians strive for peace.

  16. Anne

    Pray for Patricia who is having a knee operation

  17. Angelina

    Let’s pray for the thousands of people in Nagorno-Karabakh who are terrified for their future. Have mercy Almighty Father.

  18. Manny

    I give thanks to God for my childrens safe homecoming after a disasterous away week.

  19. Avina

    Please Pray for TY that he will quickly recover from illness and return to his family.

  20. Yumi

    May we take care of the earth and all it’s creatures. Not destroy our resources.

  21. Trish

    Today I want to pray for the old. My granny is old… I love Granny.

  22. Carole

    Prayer for the complete healing for my daughter Laura Bies from cancer.

  23. Lilly

    Mary, Queen of Heaven, continue praying for us.

  24. Toni

    May there be peace today, a world free from wars and homes singing God’s praises.

  25. Mia

    Please pray for CM, in hospital, quietly suffering. Thank you.

  26. Tim

    Give thanks for today, it’s a great blessing.

  27. Lorraine

    St Rita pray for us that we may forever trust in Jesus’ promises.

  28. Ted

    May the homeless find food, warmth and love this weekend. Pray for the homeless.

  29. Alaine

    Pray for my children that I can keep them safe and they will grow up loving all people.

  30. Enzo Baraka

    Thank You. Amen

  31. Maria

    Pray I will be a good mother; a good example to all whom I come in contact with daily.

  32. Petra

    Console my family Lord. May we find the strength to continue doing your work without our dearest Mother. Amen

  33. Alaine

    Please pray for Michael, may he rest in peace. Greatly missed.

  34. Will

    A prayer of thanks for this new day; an unexpected gift. Thank you our God.

  35. Stela

    Pray for BM who sadly passed away two days ago, aged 60yrs. May he rest in peace.

  36. Tony

    May peace come upon our violent world, peace in homes and families.

  37. Vera

    Pray for our family and Minister please.

  38. Fern

    Lord Jesus, I pray that you will keep us safe during the coming storms.

  39. Nikki

    Pray I can find a place which I can afford to rent as my home.

  40. Turner

    I pray that I can finish my service and return home safely to my family.

  41. Jo

    Pray that we can be kind to each other as friends rather than arguing and fighting.

  42. Fran

    Please heal Lisa and please praying for negative pathology results. Thank-you

  43. Cait

    May my career decisions be guided by the Holy Spirit and whatever course I follow be God’s path.

  44. Michael

    Pray a prayer of thanks for the help I recently received by a few kind people.

  45. Trish

    Can you pray for the good health of my niece who is in hospital with multiple life-thretening infections.

  46. Elizabeth

    May the Lord shine upon all who are sick or homeless today. May they find love and peace.

  47. Dee

    Can you pray I will be successful in my job interview this week. Thank you.

  48. Yaomi

    I give thanks in prayer for recent gifts received. Thank you our God and Creator.

  49. Tilly

    Please pray for MF and my friends. Thank you Lord for your help.

  50. Danna

    Prayer for a successful pregnancy

  51. Sandra

    For Ken, get well soon!

  52. Una

    Can you pray for all who are suffering today especially BM and AM.

  53. Trish

    Together let’s pray a prayer of thanks to God for his many graces and blessings this year. Thank You God.

  54. Nora

    My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl today. Give praise to God for His wonderful gift of new life.

  55. Francis

    Pray for God’s mercy on Brigid as her body is laid to rest today beside her father, Willie. RIP all.

  56. Tri

    Continue to have mercy on those suffering from the terrible floods in Libya, Jesus. Amen.

  57. Mathew

    Please pray for our Church Pastor… to preach the word of Jesus Christ

  58. Bernadette

    Can you say a prayer for my Mum and Dad. With thanks.

  59. Marty

    Please pray for all my friends NP, FS, JM, GS, CH, SW, IG, RJ, RS, PD, PM, BD, JM and…

  60. Nora

    MT is sick and unable to work. Can you pray for her good health and return to her earlier life. Thank you.

  61. Gloria

    Pray for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, awaiting God’s Mercy.

  62. Vivian

    May the problems in our workplace be resolved today and all see the joy of being at peace together.

  63. Bert

    My sister is very ill. Pray for her and her family. Lord, look kindly on the sick. Amen

  64. Moira

    Please pray for those suffering from great storms and flooding. Pray for the eternal happiness of the dead.

  65. Nan

    Can you add to your prayers the many who have died in the Libyan floods. Look kindly on them Lord. Thank you.

  66. Anne

    Pray for Chloe who was taken into hospital this evening

  67. Anne

    Rest in peace Bridget (my cousin)
    who died suddenly.

  68. Francis

    We pray for the soul of Briget who died suddenly following 11yrs incapacitation after heart surgery. May she be at peace with the Angels, Mary, Joseph and Jesus; at home with God.

  69. Madonna Lorenz

    For my family to protect us from all evil, danger, harm, sickness and diseases. Be with all who are sick and suffering. Cure those with cancer

  70. Innes

    Have mercy God on the souls of all who died in the earthquake in Morocco. Thank You Jesus.

  71. Merlin

    Pray for the many suffering victims of the Moroccan earthquake, thousands killed and injured, homes and lives destroyed.

  72. Suzie

    Please pray for my aunt Ann who is 90 years old and has fallen and broken her hip and is badly bruised.

  73. Dee

    Help us to overcome our difficulties; family, work and money. May we find lasting happiness.

  74. Pat

    Pray for the miraculous recovery of my brother TY. Have mercy Lord God.

  75. William

    May the G20 meeting be a great success for the poor and oppressed of the world and may wars end.

  76. Teresa

    My parents work so hard for me and my brothers. Thank you God for their help.

  77. Ron

    Pray God will help me a little more with my learning. School is very difficult and demanding. Thank you.

  78. Joseph

    For my job security which leads my kids education, daily needs & peace of mind

  79. Manny

    May the love of Jesus be visible to all who suffer today.

  80. Tui

    Join with me in my prayers for peace in my family please.

  81. Ann

    Can you pray that my cancer tests will continue to remain clear. Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

  82. Callista

    GOD please I need wisdom and life partner

  83. Win

    Thank you to the wonderful hospital staff and my family who helped through my recent illness.

  84. John

    Please Pray for my family and our Minister.

  85. Abe

    Will you keep my friends sitting their nursing exams next week in your prayers please.

  86. Tanya

    Lord, help the many, many victims of wars all over the world.

  87. Rainer

    Please pray for MR today. With thanks.

  88. George

    I have many people I wold like you to pray for – GH,KI, KK, NL, BBF, BD, PM, JM PD, HD and all my other friends.

  89. Theo

    Pray I will be successful in my job application this week. Look kindly on me Lord.

  90. Mary

    Can you pray for my family and my parents please. Thank you.

  91. Callum

    Lord, have mercy on the poor and lonely. Amen.

  92. Neve

    Pray for families that they will be happy in each others presence, support each other and give their love to everyone.

  93. Dee

    Have mercy on all who are suffering today. Grant them healing and love.

  94. Toni

    May Jesus walk with me today.

  95. Oine

    Let’s pray for all children starting or returning to school after their summer holidays. May they enjoy and become great citizens.

  96. Simon

    Can you pray for the lonely today, those without friends and isolated. Look kindly Lord on them

  97. Orla

    Have mercy Jesus on all the unfortunate people who died in the squatter fire in South Africa; the poor, the migrants the sidelined.

  98. Nathalie

    Thank God! for your protection and guidance for my kids and myself. Amen

  99. Nathalie

    Thank God! for your protection and guidance for my kids and myself. Clean me and forgive me, Holy Spirit give me wisdom and light in these coming days. Amen

  100. Hannah

    Lord, protect my loved ones as they travel far so we can be together.