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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Tag: War

  • War: Jews and Palestinians

    I love and admire the Palestinians. They were in the land many generations before the Jewish people came. The Jews insisted they had the right from the Book of Joshua, the cruellest book in the Bible where the Jews claim God gave them the right of genocide…

  • Covid 19 – Love One Another

    Some of you will remember the Rwanda genocide, April-July 1994, and others of you will know about it. Twenty-seven years ago, but the horror was there before and since and court trials continue. An estimated 800,000 Tutsi were massacred by their Hutu neighbours and Christian sisters and brothers. Most of the country is Christian, and…

  • Victims Of War

    To You, creator of nature and humanity, of truth and beauty, I pray: Hear my voice, for it is the voice of the victims of all wars and violence among individuals and nations; Hear my voice…

  • Your Conscience

    At the last count, I know one missile per day could be exploded for 96 years – imagine the horror locked up in that number. Those who would launch them know that millions of innocent helpless people would be killed or maimed, but still they are willing to do it. Would you obey the order?

  • Pope St John Paul II

    Multiple prayers by St John Paul II and his canonisation prayer: Victims of War, God For Guidance, Reverence For Life, Faith, Call to the Priesthood, A Blessing, Canonisation Prayer.