Angela Merici

St Angela (1474-1540) was born at Desenzano del Garda in Italy. At 15yrs, she was orphaned and at 20yrs, her only sister also died. Her sister’s death affected her greatly. She joined the Order of St Francis but remained troubled because her sister hadn’t received the Church’s ‘last sacraments’ before her death. However, in a vision, she was later told that her sister was in heaven, among the angels and saints.

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St Angela, having decided on a religious life and responding to another vision, set up a school for young girls in Brescia using her dowry and with the help of like-minded women.

In 1524, while travelling to the Holy Land via Crete, St Angela lost her sight but continued her pilgrimage. On her return back through Crete and while praying in front of a crucifix, her sight was miraculously restored.

During the Holy Year of Mercy in 1525, St Angela travelled to Rome to gain the associated indulgences. While there, Pope Clement VII invited her to stay in Rome but she returned to extend her school system in Brescia and beyond. In 1527, she set up the Company of St Ursula, consisting of 12 women, and wrote group rules based on celibacy, poverty and obedience. Four years later, the group had grown to 28 and in 1537, St Angela was appointed their first Mother.

By the time of St Angela’s death in 1540, the group had expanded to 24 communities with numerous orphanages and schools.

St Angela’s Feast Day is 27th January, the day of her death. She is Patron Saint of sickness, the handicapped and orphans.

St Angela:

Pray for us that we will be truthful teachers to all of God’s children.

Glory be to the…

27th January: St Angela Merici

Featured Saint: St Angela Merici (1474-1540)

St Angela was born in Desenzano, Italy. Angela and her older sister were orphaned when she was 15yrs; soon after her older sister also died. It is said that her sister’s death affected her greatly since she hadn’t received the Church’s ‘last sacraments’.  Angela joined the Order of St Francis and later founded the Ursuline Order in response to a vision and desire to establish a better school system for girls. Angela once lost her eyesight but, miraculously regained it a few weeks after praying in front of a crucifix.

+In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen+

St Angela MericiShort QuoteJesus said, “Whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother”. (Mark 3:31)

Thoughts: We don’t change Gods message, his message changes us!

Private Reflection: Lord Jesus, give us the strength to treat everyone that we meet, as our natural family. May our love cross all boundaries and unite all people. Spirit of God, be our guide.

Prayer: Before a Crucifix
Behold, O Kind and Most Sweet Jesus,
I fall upon my knees in Thy sight,
and with the most fervent desire of my soul,
I pray and beseech Thee
to impress upon my heart
lively sentiments of faith, hope and charity,
with true repentance for my sins,
and a firm desire of amendment.
Whilst with deep affection and grief of soul,
I ponder within myself and mentally contemplate
Thy five most precious wounds,
having before mine eyes that which David the prophet spoke,
O Good Jesus: “They have pierced my hands and feet,
they have numbered all my bones.” Amen.

St Angela Merici:   Pray for Us

Today’s Music Suggestion: I Watch the Sunrise

+In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen+

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