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  • Mary Magdalene

    St Mary Magdalene is extensively mentioned in the New Testament. Indeed, more often than many of the Apostles. She is sometimes incorrectly presented as a repentant prostitute although Jesus removed demons or healed her from some illness. The Gospels of Mark and Luke state that Jesus cast out seven demons from her. St Mary Magdalene probably…

  • Mary Magdalene

    6th June: Pope Francis canonised two new Saints. They are Elizabeth Hesselblad and Stanislaus Papczynski. Pope Francis said they were “exemplary witnesses to this mystery of resurrection”. St Elizabeth saved the lives of many Jewish families during World War II by hiding them in a convent in Rome where she was Superior. St Stanislaus was…

  • Easter Faith

    “Is there is a moment in life where you would choose to be? It might be on that first Easter Sunday, in the Garden, with Mary Magdalen. What a joy to see his hands – with the wounds still in them – touching us out of love.” (Cardinal Basil Hume)