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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Easter Faith

Cross with quote, Jesus Christ is Risen

“Is there is a moment in life where you would choose to be? It might be on that first Easter Sunday, in the Garden, with Mary Magdalen. What a joy to see his hands – with the wounds still in them – touching us out of love.” (Cardinal Basil Hume)

“It is not only with our hearts but with the totality of our experience that we know the risen Christ. We can know him day after day as the Apostles knew him. Not the Christ of the flesh but the ever-living Christ. The Christ of the spirit of whom St Paul speaks, the risen Christ who belongs to time and eternity because he died once upon the cross but lives forever. (Metropolitan Anthony Bloom)

“Today, all we can do is stand in awe before the fact of the Resurrection and the hope it carries. Tomorrow we have to keep on telling this story of hope to see how Jesus’ friends and followers tried to live it out. Just as they struggled to understand what it meant that he overcame evil …. that he pointed their lives in a radically different direction, so must we.” (Marie Dennis)

“Jesus, who was crucified, is risen. This event is the basis of our faith and our hope. If Christ were not raised, Christianity would lose its very meaning; the whole mission of the Church would lose its impulse, for this is the point from which it first set out and continues to set out ever anew. The message which Christians bring to the world is this: Jesus, Love incarnate, died on the cross for our sins, but God the Father raised him and made him the Lord of life and death. In Jesus, love has triumphed over hatred, mercy over sinfulness, goodness over evil, truth over falsehood, life over death.” (Pope Francis)

Quotations from the Living Spirit in this week’s Tablet (28/03/16).

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