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Paul (Saul of Tarsus)

St Paul (ca 5-67), also known as St Saul of Tarsus, although not one of the original twelve apostles, became a critical figure in the early spread of Christianity.

Image of St Paul

St Paul was a devout Jew of Roman citizenship and was educated at the school of Gamaliel in Jerusalem. He received a good education, having probably studied literature, philosophy, ethics and languages.

St Paul took an active part in the martyrdom of St Stephen outside Jerusalem and persecuted early Christian followers in an attempt to stop the spread of the Christian Church. However, one day while travelling to Damascus, he had a life-changing experience. He was thrown to the ground from his horse, blinded for three days and asked by the Risen Jesus, “Why are you persecuting me”. St Paul repented, became an immediate convert to Christianity and devoted his life to preaching Jesus’ Gospel.

Despite trials, imprisonment and torture, St Paul travelled extensively on multiple missionary journeys over many years. He was finally martyred around 67AD in Rome when he was condemned to death by Nero and decapitated.

St Paul’s Feast Day is 25th January. He is the Patron Saint of Missions, Theologians and Gentile Christians.

St Paul:

Pray for us that we will listen to the word of Jesus and share His Good news with others.

Glory be to the…