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Joseph (Mary’s Husband)

St Joseph (Died ca 18 -35 AD) was the Blessed Virgin Mary’s husband and Foster Father to Jesus. He was a carpenter and lived with his family in the Nazareth area of Israel.

Image of a Statue of St Joseph.

St Joseph moved to Egypt to avoid Herod’s persecution during Jesus’ early life, returning only after Herod’s death. As a caring parent, he established a safe home for his wife and Jesus.

The final New Testament reference to St Joseph is when Jesus was twelve years old. Since Jesus started his ministry in his early thirties, it is feasible to assume that St Joseph died somewhere in the interim.

St Joseph’s Feast Day is 19th March. He is the Patron Saint of fathers, workers, unborn children, immigrants, employment, travellers, a happy death and many others.

St Joseph:

Assist us by your powerful intercession and obtain for us, from your Divine Son, the spiritual blessing of a happy death.

Glory be to the…