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Gertrude the Great

St Gertrude (1256 – 1302) was born in Eisleben, Germany. She was sent to a monastery at the age of four, possibly because she was orphaned or her parents offered her as a child oblate to the Church.

Image of St Gertrude holding a golden chalice.

St Gertrude received a good education, as demonstrated by her fluency in Latin, and she became a Nun with the Order of her Monastery.

At the age of 26yrs, St Gertrude experienced her first of many visions, which continued throughout her life. She was one of the great mystics of her time; seeing and describing herself as a bride of Christ. She devoted much of her prayer life to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Only a few of her many writings have survived over the years.

St Gertrude is Patroness of the West Indies.

St Gertrude the Great:

Pray for us that we will also, one day, be joined with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Glory be to the…