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Augustine of Canterbury

St Augustine (Born in 6th Century. Died Approx. 604) was a Benedictine Prior of the Abbey of St Andrew in Rome when he was chosen by Pope Gregory the Great, to lead a mission to Britain and bring Christianity to the then Kingdom of Kent. He arrived in Kent in 597 with forty Monks and companions.

Icon of St Augustine of Canterbury

The King of Kent, King Aethelberht, was married to Princess Bertha daughter of one of the Kings of Franks (France). She was a Christian and as a condition of her marriage, she brought a Bishop from France to Kent. Aethelberht was a pagan but he allowed his wife religious freedom. He also permitted St Augustine to settle and preach in Canterbury and use the Church of St Martin for services.

Within a year of his arrival, St Augustine had converted King Aethelberht to Christianity and thereafter, many others followed. On one occasion the numbers were so great that a mass baptism of thousands occurred on Christmas day in 597. St Augustine became the first Archbishop of Canterbury. When he died in 604, he was revered as a Saint.

His Feast Day is the 27th May (Roman Catholic Church Ordinary Form).

St Augustine of Canterbury:

Pray for us that we will find the courage and take the time to share Jesus’ teachings with our family and friends.

Glory be to the…