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Agatha of Sicily

St Agatha (Died Approx. 251) was born into a rich family in Catania, Sicily, Italy.

Image of St Agatha

St Agatha refused to marry a Roman of High Office who subsequently persecuted her for her Christian beliefs. It is said that he sent her to a brothel but St Agatha, remained intractable to her faith. He then imprisoned and tortured her including, cutting off her breasts. Later, while in prison, St Peter the Apostle appeared to her and healed her wounds. St Agatha escaped to Sicily and Malta but was eventually martyred for her continued steadfast profession of the Christian faith.

St Agatha is one of just seven women, including the Blessed Virgin Mary, mentioned in the Holy Mass. Her Feast Day is 5th February. Her Patronage includes Sicily, breast cancer, rape victims, torture victims and laywomen.

St Agatha:

Pray for us that we will remain steadfast in our faith and avoid sin despite the daily trials and temptations.

Glory be to theā€¦