Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

After Communion

Small yellow Cross

We give You thanks, O Lord our God, for the Communion of Your holy, pure, deathless and heavenly mysteries, which you have given for the good, the hallowing, and the healing of our souls and bodies.

Do Thou, O Sovereign of the world, cause this Communion in the Holy Body and Blood of Christ to nourish us in unashamed faith, sincere charity, ripe wisdom, health of soul and body, separation from all ills, observance of Your Law, and justification before His awful Judgment Seat.1

O Christ our God, the Mystery of Your Providence has been accomplished according to our ability. We have been reminded of Your Death and we have seen a figure of Your Resurrection; we have been filled with Your Infinite Life, and we have tasted Your inexhaustible joy; and we pray to You to make us worthy of these things in the life to come, through the grace of Your Eternal Father and of Your holy, good, and life-giving Spirit, now and forever, eternally. Amen.

(By St Basil of Caesarea)

… St Basil of Caesarea, Pray for Us …

Small Yellow Cross

O Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I worship Thee, I love Thee, I thank Thee, and prostrate myself before Thee. O my God, accomplish in me that for which You did come, remove from my heart all that displeases Thee, and place therein that which will render me agreeable in Thy sight.

Purify my body, sanctify my soul. Bestow on me the infinite merits of Thy life and of Thy death. Unite me to Thee, abide in me that I may live by Thee, in Thee and forever for Thee.

O my God, let me die rather than permit that I should not act for Thy greater glory or fail in anything whatsoever You ask of me. Or that I should do harm to any single soul.

O my God, by the merits of Thy Divine Son, bless the Church, assist his Holiness the Pope and save our beloved country. Have pity on poor sinners who need Thy help, and more especially on all those who will die today.

My Jesus, grant that all people who, until the end of time, will enter a sanctuary where You are present, may carry away the seed of their conversion and be saved.

My God, permit me to do a little good around me. Grant that I may make Thee known, for we cannot know Thee without loving Thee.

Holy Spirit, inspire me always how to speak, act and behave for the best, for the greater glory of God and for the greatest good to souls.

Grant that each day I may serve Thee even better, O my Divine Saviour, and that I may ever love Thee more and more. Amen.

… Sacred Heart of Jesus, I Place All My Trust in You …

Small Yellow Cross

O God of Charity, without limit and of mercy without measure, it was Your love that induced You to come to me. I give You my body as a temple, my will as a sacrifice and my heart as an altar.

O Lord, Merciful Redeemer of heaven, O noble, lofty Infant, keep me in Your peace, give me a dwelling in Your heart. Dissolve me in the fragrance of Your charity, strengthen me with Your love, receive me through Your death, O Lord, and make me entirely pleasing to You through the fruits of Your Sacred Heart. Amen.

… Sacred Heart of Jesus, I Place All My Trust in You …