Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Jesus, A Light For You

Lord Jesus, look kindly on my work and the work of my friends today.

Flickering Candle

Help us in our difficulties and decisions.

May this candle be a light for you to enlighten me. May it be a fire for you to burn out of me all pride, selfishness and impurity. May it be a flame for you to bring warmth into my heart; warmth towards my family, my neighbours and all whom I meet.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Jesus, through the hands of Mary, Virgin and Mother, I place in your care, this, my special intention… (Share your request…)

By sharing this candle, I wish to give you something of myself; the love in my heart.

Jesus, help me to live close to you in prayer today. 

… Thank You, Jesus. Amen. …

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Note: Prayer intentions of site users, are automatically included in our Daily Novena and regular Masses.

To submit a written request, turn it into a prayer for our Prayer Group, “I pray …“, using the “Leave a Reply” box below. (Max of 25 Words. Next day publication.)

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Recent Requests:

  1. Joel

    Please include in your prayers the deceased members of my family and all souls in purgatory. RIP all.

  2. Kate

    My relationship with my daughter can be healed and she can understand my point of view. As I can hers.

  3. Mal

    Please pray for JMC and their family deceased. Have mercy on all our souls Lord.

  4. Noel

    Happy birthday to my baby, 1 year today… and all whose birthdays it is today. God bless everyone.

  5. Reva

    I wish everyone a Daily Prayers a healthy and happy New Year 2024 as they continue to pray with us for others. Thank you.

  6. Lisa

    I pray for my daughter Molly’s safety in a controlling relationship. That she will come back to the faith and that her emotional, spiritual and relationship with her family will be healed. May she feel your love dear Lord and also my Love as her mother.

  7. Mel

    Your prayers please for TY who is very sick and all who are ill at this time. Thank you.

  8. Nee

    Please pray that the coming New Year will be filled with love and happiness, peace and joy, in every country and home of the world.

  9. Sean

    Thank you Santa for coming to my home this Christmas. I am very happy.

  10. Mary

    For all who are alone or lonely this Christmas, please pray. Thank you.

  11. Trish

    Peace to all families this Christmas and New Year 2024

  12. Toni

    Pray for Pope Francis and all church leaders that they will be refreshed by the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

  13. Amber

    We pray for all who don’t know it is Christmas that they will hear the word of Jesus.

  14. Tina

    Merry Christmas. Thank you for St. Dymphna prayer. I deal with so meny mentally ill family, and,the only see darkness, confussion and pain. I do know that mental illness is not their fault, but denying help is. Pray for the mentally ill.

  15. Mer

    Merry Christmas J, A, J, P, S, E and all whom we love. Gloria in Excelsis Deo.

  16. Rachel

    Merry Christmas Everyone…

  17. Tina

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all who see this message. God Bless You.

  18. Teresa

    May wars stop and comforts surround the whole world today. Jesus, thank you for your true guidance to everlasting life and love.

  19. Georgina

    Kindly pray for all those in suffering ths Christmas Day. May they find a warm heart in those they encounter. Amen

  20. Timothy

    A MERRY CHRISTMAS to all Daily-Prayer users. May you and your family enjoy and treasure every moment of Jesus’ birthday celebrations. God Bless Everyone.

  21. Y

    I ask for your prayers with the heart and soul healing of mother and daughter. Please pray that they may be united after being separated from divorce and abuse both have suffered physically and mentally from abuse and this situation. Please pray with me for reunion and Gods blessings. Thank you

  22. Kevin

    Please pray for our Parish Priest this Christmas. May he and all Priests be renewed by the powers of the Holy Spirit.

  23. Lyn

    Please pray for my mother receiving end-of-life pallative care. May she be comforted by her many lifetime achievements and great family. Have Mercy on her Lord.

  24. Toni

    As Christmas Day approaches, I pray that all poor will have food and good health; celebrating the birth of Jesus.

  25. Jo

    Please pray for all in-transit migrants this Christmas. May the find a warm welcome and prosperous 2024.

  26. Erin

    A Merry Christmas to all who see, hear and love. I love everyone. I hope you are HAPPY.

  27. Cecelia

    Say a little prayer for Mark. He is a troubled street beggar unable to live with his family. Thank you.

  28. Di

    May we all be blessed this Christmas by the Child Jesus. May joy reign in all households.

  29. Cath

    Another likely war in the Middle East possibly in days. Lord we pray ways to find peace will be followed.

  30. Tara

    Please pray for child-brides; children forced into marriage. Have mercy on them Gof Almighty.

  31. Leigh

    Prayers please for all travelers coming in for Christmas to be with their loved ones, especially, grandson’s, Kalvin, Derek & Dylon.

  32. Ali

    Please pray we won’t see another war in Yemen or Lebanon or elsewhere. Keep Christmas peace.

  33. Terri

    Now we all need a lot of help and prayers. Please pray with us: HG FR TY and others. Amen.

  34. Jen

    I ask you to pray for my partner and family. May we have a happy Christmas celebration.

  35. Henry

    Please pray for MR that she will keep safe over the coming weeks and months alone.

  36. Lenny

    Have mercy Lord Jesus Christ on the Holy Souls In Purgatory, we pray. (TG)

  37. Moli

    I thank you Jesus for keeping my husband and children safe as they leave for work and school every day. Thank you.

  38. Mary

    Pray for the dying. May God have mercy on them; forgive them their indescretions.

  39. Clement

    I am confined to my home due to ill health and old age. Can you pray for all the housebound this Christmas Please?

  40. Nel

    Thank you for your blessings, my God. GH

  41. Leigh

    Prayers please for all travelers coming in for Christmas to be with their loved ones, especially, grandson’s, Kalvin, Derek & Dylon.

  42. Steve

    Wishing all my community a joyful Advent in preparation for a great Christmas celebration of Jesus’ birth. God bless all.

  43. Roger

    Can you please pray for my work friends, present and past. I hope they are all happy this Christmas. Thanks.


    Please pray so that I can get my health back, take away this depression and anxiety. Thanks

  45. Vinny

    Can you pray for DB PW PD SM JF JH JG and all my family and friends departed. RIP

  46. Pete

    Have mercy Lord on all the sick and dying. Grant them eternal happiness.

  47. Lorna

    Please pray for Fiona, who is very sick.

  48. Teresa

    Will you pray I can find a way back to the Church and its sacraments. And pray for all who are lost from God.

  49. Amy

    Please pray for AM who is sick and suffering many problems. Thank you

  50. Ron

    Thank you God for the favour you granted to me. Thank you.

  51. Tye

    Pray the world will smile today; spreading happiness to the poor and rich, the old and young, the sick and healthy, and me!

  52. Paula

    Can you pray for my family please that we may live in peace and help each other.

  53. Tina

    Please pray for Pope Francis that he will recover from his illness and continue to lead our Church faithful. Amen

  54. Minnie

    I ask you to pray for all Priests and Religious that they will be true to the Gospel teachings and people will listen.

  55. Nial

    Pray the Gaza and Ukraine conflicts will end soon and all the associated suffering. Thank you.

  56. Margaret

    Please pray for baby Charles that he will gain strength and return to good health. Pray also for all children especially those surrounded by wars.

  57. Geraldine

    Please pray for all my work friends and colleagues that Christmas will be a time of prayer and growth for all.

  58. Damian

    May the good Lord protect and keep my family safe from the pending winter storms. Also, thank you Lord for the many graces you have grabted to me over the past year.

  59. Joe

    Pray MR will have a safe journey as she travels for business but alone. St Christopher protect her.

  60. Ali

    Please pray for my mother who is in hospital since Friday. Lord, grant her a speedy recovery and return to our family.

  61. Geni

    I pray that God will guide me in my decisions and actions. May they be pleasing to Him.

  62. Mari

    There are many thousands of street children across our world; without good adult guidance, food and clothing. Pray world leaders will help them.

  63. Mary

    Please pray for FrJ for a speedy recovery and return to his beloved work.

  64. Gloria

    May peace reign in our hearts, family and the whole world. Thank you Jesus. Amen

  65. Br Alex

    Please pray for Ben. That he will some time this year come back to the Marians and be accepted.

  66. Br. Alex

    For all of SKs spiritual and temporal needs, for her protection, healing, and deliverance, and ongoing conversion

  67. Breda

    Will you hold my family (and all families) in your rayers/ May we will find peace between us. Much anger and competitiveness abound!

  68. Tara

    Please pray for the old and forgotten. May they enjoy good health, happiness and peace,

  69. Melanie

    As we celebrate the feast of The Immaculate Conception, may we pray for all children in the womb that they too will be born to be a light to others.

  70. Trish

    May peace come quickly to Gaza and Ukraine. Immaculate Heart of Mary, be their comforter. Amen.

  71. Una

    Please pray for JD, AS, AH and TL. Thank you for your prayers. Mary, help of christians, pray for us.

  72. Nikki

    Can you pray for those who have been hurt by our church; people from within, their behaviours.

  73. Tab

    May the Lord Jesus have mercy on my soul and those of my friends. Please pray for us. Amen

  74. Nimb

    I am hoping that I will be given a new job by my company. Your prayers will help me. Thanks JT.

  75. Timothy

    Can you include me in your December prayers as I work for my end of year examinations please? Thank you. Thank you Mammy.

  76. Dee

    Please pray for Sr Giang and all her Convent friends. May they forever find the strength to continue their great work among the poor.

  77. Nieve

    Please include my sister Berni in your prayers today as she undergoes an operation. Also all in hospital today, suffering. Thanks

  78. Moira

    Please pray for my family that we will seek to find peace among us. Thank you.

  79. Neil

    Lord have mercy upon us. All angels and saints come to our aid, pray for us.

  80. Roger

    Have mercy Lord Jesus on those suffering physically and mentally. Soothe their pain and fill their hearts with joy. Amen.

  81. Terra

    For all in prisons across the world. May they forgive, be forgiven and find they ways of Christ Jesus.

  82. Nelly

    Please pray for FJ JM RA and JP.

  83. Molly

    Can you please pray that my family and I can follow the teachings of the Church.

  84. Elanor

    Immaculate Mary join with us in seeking God’s almighty help for the sick, housebound, poor and souls in purgatory. Amen

  85. Toni

    Thank you for your prayers. Please also include TG CC MM BP and JM. Thank you.

  86. Alice

    Please include in your prayers a plea for mercy on all war victims across our crazy world.

  87. Charles

    Lord bring peace to our household and remove all fear and anxiety. In Jesus name, amen.

  88. Bernie

    Please pray for the soul of BF who died of cancer leaving his wife with two young children to care for. RIP his soul.

  89. Ita

    Pray forgiveness and true prayer will come to the middle east fighters. Have mercy Lord God.

  90. Manny

    Let’s ask God once more to inspire the Palestian and Israelian leaders to stop fighting, reconcile and talk peace.

  91. Esther

    I pray for my aunt Helen who is gravely ill & bed bound. May her daughter’s come together as one and forgive each other to be with their mom. May they find God in this hardship.

  92. Paul

    Lord, may all country leaders come together at the COP28 meeting to take care of the beautiful world you entrusted to us.

  93. Ethelina

    Please, for me, pray for the financial situation and the convertion of my children and grandchildren

  94. Jasmine

    Thank you our God for caring for the Indian miners trapped underground. Thank you for releasing them safely to their families.

  95. Neve

    Please pray for God’s guidance in my faith and example to my family and all around me. Thank you.

  96. Bengi

    Please pray for my nephew He has to quit drinking habit because of the bad habit he lost of everything i beg you to submit this request at the Jesus Christ feet Amen

  97. Veronica

    Dear Jesus hear and answer me. I pray for the peace of my heart and would want to be alone for now. I’m just tired with things.. I need peace..

  98. Patrica

    Please pray all my money worries will be resolved and all of my family will see only the love of God before them.

  99. Tina

    Please pray for all my family dead and all the Holy Souls in purgatory. Have mercy on them God, have mercy.

  100. Paula

    I pray, Lord Jesus, that you will give a little extra joy to the hearts of the lonely today. Thank you Jesus.