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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

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  • Imagine

    There is terrible pain in the background of the letter below. I asked if I might use it in our parish newsletter. You will glimpse, perhaps understand, the pain. Please pray for those who do know and do understand. God bless us with sympathy and understanding for one another. Fr John(12th March 2017) “If people…

  • Interpreting Bible Teachings

    We are descended from man and woman, as we see in every generation of world history. We are not descended from Adam and Eve whose story begins in chapter four, in exile, outside the Garden of Eden. They have a child, Cain, who grows up to be a murderer – a horrifying beginning to the…

  • The Holy Mass

    The priest proclaimed the offering of the bread and wine and all the Eucharistic Prayer, but he said quietly (not silently) the prayer of pouring the water and wine into the chalice, the breaking of bread over the chalice just before Holy Communion, etc.