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Tag: St Catherine de Ricci

  • Catherine de Ricci

    St Catherine (1522 – 1589) was born into a Patrician family (Special constitutional status) in Florence, Italy. Her mother died soon afterwards. At 6/7yrs, St Catherine was enrolled in a school run by Benedictine nuns and from an early age, she developed a lifelong and deep devotion to Christ’s Passion. St Catherine then joined an enclosed community…

  • 13th February: St Catherine

    Featured Saint: St Catherine de Ricci (1522-1590) St Catherine was born in Florence, Italy. From an early age she developed a lifelong devotion to Christ’s Passion. She joined an enclosed community of the Sisters of St Dominic, becoming a nun and later a Prioress. Her advice was greatly respected and sought after by many, including Priests,…