Short Stories And Reflections

Select and Enjoy:

A Letter From Heaven
A Man Named Jim
A Mother’s Love
A Mother’s Occupation
A Question of Faith In God
Am I A Fireman Yet?
Amazing Grace
An Afternoon In The Park
An Angel In Your Pocket
Are You A Carrot, Egg Or Bean?
Birthday Celebration With Me
Coffee or Cup, Who are You?
Controlling Your Fears
Dad’s At Home
Do Not Weep At My Grave
Do You Believe In Easter?
Do You Expect God To Answer?
Dr Death And Mr Worry
Excuse This My Home
Folded Paper Napkins
Footprints In The Sand
Friends Are Forever
God Said, “No”
God’s Sacrifice
God’s Ten Tips
Goodness And Mercy
Hearing And Understanding
How The Poor Live
I Am Afraid To Die
I May Never See Tomorrow
If Jesus Came To My House
In Time Of Sorrow
It’s Up To You
Jesus Came To Dinner Today
Let The Little Children Come
Letter To Mum From Heaven
Life Transforming Experiences
Listen To Yourself Slow Down
Love, Faith, Wisdom And Grace
Memo From God
Miracle Of Life
My Attorney On Judgement Day
No Charge
Noah’s Ark – Lessons
Noah’s Ark – Language
One Solitary Life
One Thousand Marbles
Our Everyday Angels
Pancake Making
Pearls Of Wisdom
Pope Francis’ Top Ten Tips
Raindrops – Story Of God’s Love
Remember The Joy, Don’t Grieve
Remember Those Who Serve
The Carpenter’s Tools
The Fence And A Few Holes
The Ferrari
The Geese And The Snow Storm
The Haircut
The Young Hippie
They Won’t Let Me In!
Three Red Marbles
Today Will Be A Piece Of Cake
Understanding Others
Whose Precious Time
You Can’t Please Everyone
Your Finger Prayer Beads