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  • Charles Borromeo

    St Charles (1538 – 1584) was born the third son of six children into a very wealthy aristocratic family in Lombardy, Italy. At 12, St Charles formally committed himself to follow a religious life while at the same time his uncle bequeathed to him the future income from…

  • St Charles Borromeo

    You are, O great St. Charles, among all the Saints of God, one in whose intercession I should most confide, because you were chosen by God to promote the interests of religion, by promoting the Christian education of youth. You were, like Jesus Christ himself, always accessible to little ones; for whom you

  • Charles Borromeo

    Almighty God: Almighty God, you have generously made known to man the mysteries… My Guardian Angel for a Happy Death: In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I, a poor, unhappy sinner, make this solemn declaration before thee, O beloved Angel, who has been given me as a protector…