Albert the Great

St Albert the Great (1193 Approx. – 1280) was born the son of a Count in Lauingen, Germany. He was well educated and studied at the University of Padua. Inspired by the Blessed Virgin Mary, but against the wishes of his family, he joined the Dominican Order and was ordained a Priest.

Image of St Albert the Great writing

While a Priest, St Albert continued his studies in Theology and lectured at the University of Cologne where he became Master of Theology. He then taught Theology at the University of Paris as Professor and held the seat of Chair of Theology.

St Albert’s writings are extensive, running to 38 volumes and covering a wide range of subjects, from the sciences to law, friendship and love.

St Albert’s Feast Day is the 15th November. He is Patron Saint of Scientists and a Doctor of the Church, one of only thirty-six.

St Albert the Great:

Pray for us that we will use our skills wisely for the spreading and celebration of our faith with others.

Glory be to…

Albert the Great

Supreme Lord

Small Yellow Cross

We pray to You, O Lord,
who are the supreme Truth,
and all truth is from you.

Image of St Albert the Great writing

We beseech You, O Lord,
who are the highest Wisdom,
and all the wise depend on You for their wisdom.
You are the supreme Joy,
and all who are happy owe it to You.
You are the Light of minds,
and all receive their understanding from You.
We love, we love You above all.
We seek You, we follow You,
and we are ready to serve You.
We desire to dwell under Your power
for You are the King of all. Amen.

… St Albert the Great, Pray for Us …