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Tag: Abortion

  • Abortion

    A baby in the womb is a child of God to a believer, but not to a non-believer. Abortion may be legal but it is not moral. How would you vote in Ireland? Would you be out on the streets for either side? How would you advise Ginny?

  • Children In The Womb

    But they never talked to us about her, nor about their celebrating her birthday, except for a very occasional word. I remember my mother’s saying simply “Remember she is my daughter as much as you are my son.”

  • Down’s Syndrome Eliminated!

    The headline was surprising, claiming that Downs’ Syndrome had almost been eliminated in Iceland. A medical advance? No. As I read on I discovered that with improved screening of children in the womb it is now possible to identify Downs’ Syndrome babies and atermination offered. That’s what elimination meant: babies being eliminated. I remembered the…

  • Eight and a Half Million Deaths!

    Since 1967 we have legally killed more than eight and a half million children in the womb by abortion. The figures are public knowledge and proclaimed for different reasons, most obviously as a crime against humanity and as a sign of women’s liberation.