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Controlling Your Fears

Ladder protruding out from the word fear.
Small yellow-grey Cross

There is an old legend which claims that there was a mouse who was very afraid of cats. When she wished she could become a cat, her wish was granted and she turned into a cat.

Then she saw a dog and became afraid again and wished she were a dog. Her wish was granted and she turned into a dog.

Then she saw a lion and she was terrified by his power and strength
and wished she could become a lion. Her wish was granted and she became a lion.

Then she saw a man with a gun about to shoot her. You can imagine what happened next! She wished she could become a human and she did.

But when she was sitting in her home and saw a mouse, she became scared of the mouse. The little mouse frightened her!

Answer: To break your cycle of fear, turn to Jesus.

Small yellow coloured Cross surrounded by lilies

Maybe, it’s a silly story, but it makes a good point. Yes, trust in God but maintain a respectful fear of his awe and might, while seeking his love and mercy. God understands our needs.

Fear of the Lord is healthy, it forces us to find out more, improve our understanding and gain greater wisdom. 

“In God we trust; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?” (Proverbs 56:11) ( Or, “What can a mouse do to me?”)