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Yolanda of Poland

Blessed Yolanda (1235 – 1298) was the daughter of the King of Hungary, born in Esztergom. She was educated in Poland under the supervision of her sister who was married to the Duke of Poland. Blessed Yolanda, at 22yrs, married the Duke of Greater Poland and had three children, one of whom became a nun.

Image of Yolanda of Poland

With her husband’s support, Blessed Yolanda was a major benefactor to charities, hospitals and the Church. When her husband died in 1279 she retired to a Poor Clare Monastery along with one of her sisters and her Religious daughter. Before her death in Gniezno, she was appointed Abbess at a monastery which she previously founded. Knowledge of Blessed Yolanda’s generosity was widespread as was her prayerful devotion to the Passion of Christ, prophecy and miracle worker. Her earthly life begun as a Princess and ended as an Abbess.

Bl. Yolanda’s Feast Day is the 12th June.

Bl. Yolanda:

Pray for us that we will remember the poor in our daily prayers and actions.

Glory be to the…