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St Wulfstan (1008-1095) was born at Long Itchington in Warwickshire, England. In his early youth, he was noted for his special religious and spiritual nature. He studied at Evesham and Peterborough Abbeys and then joined the Benedictine Monastery in Worcester where he was ordained a priest in 1038. He served as Monastery Prior and in 1062,  was appointed Bishop of Worcester.

Stain Glass Window Image of St Wulfstan

St Wulfstan, “Devoted his whole life to the care of his diocese, visiting, preaching, and confirming without intermission, rebuilding his cathedral in the simple Saxon style, planting new churches everywhere, and retaining the ascetic personal habits which he had acquired in the cloister”. (Hunter-Blair, 1912)

Sr Wulfstan was a champion of the poor and opponent of the African slave trade. Together with Lanfranc (Italian Benedictine Monk), they were responsible for ending its horrendous practice at Bristol Port.

St Wulfstan’s Feast Day is 19th January. As a vegetarian, he is the Patron Saint of vegetarians and dieters.

St Wulfstan:

Pray for us that we may become worthy to enter into the joys of eternal life.

Glory be to the…