Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

William Carter

Blessed William Carter (1548 – 1584) was born in London and executed (hung, drawn and quartered) at Tyburn, London. It was a merciless and public death.

Cross on a set of beads.

Following an early printing apprenticeship, he set up his own printing business. He was first imprisoned for publishing some general Catholic documents. Then in 1580, he was again imprisoned, this time for publishing a new edition of ‘Treatise of Schisme’. Finally, he was accused of treason at the Old Bailey after publishing a book containing, a paragraph that could only vaguely be interpreted as anti-Monarchy. He was executed on 11th January 1584.

His Remembrance Day is the 11th of January.

Blessed William:

Pray for us that our faith will never die.

Glory be to the…