Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Vigil of the Birth of Jesus

On this day, we await Christmas, the day when we celebrate the Birth of Jesus, the Son of God, at Bethlehem.

The first depiction of the nativity scene or crib is said to have been created by St Francis of Assisi at Greccio in Italy. St Francis assembled his crib in a cave. He included a manger with straw and a baby with depictions of Mary and Joseph; the proud earthly parents.

Red and gold picture-card of crib

The people of Greccio, on hearing about what he had done, visited the cave and joined him in celebration. Close to the cave, St Francis had also assembled an altar where he celebrated Mass and preached to the people. The crowd were very moved; a Christmas-eve never to be forgotten. Since then, the creation of cribs has become an annual event in Churches and homes across the entire world.

Infant Jesus:
Infant Jesus, meek and mild, look on me a little child.
Pity mine and pity me, suffer me to come to you.

Heart of Jesus, I adore you. Heart of Mary, I implore you.
Heart of Joseph, pure and just. In these three hearts, I put my trust. (Extract from prayer to the Infant Jesus)

Glory be to the…