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Urban V (Pope)

Bl. Pope Urban (1310 – 1370) was born the son of royalty at the Castle of Grizac in France. He became a Benedictine Monk at a monastery near his home and later, a Priest.

Pope Urban V

Bl. Pope Urban was a brilliant academic. He attended many of the great European Universities and earned a Doctorate in Canon Law.

In 1361, Bl. Pope Urban was appointed Abbot of St Victors and one year later, elected Pope, taking the name Urban.

As Pope, Bl. Urban introduced many church reforms, established universities and monasteries, and sent multiple missions to Eastern Europe and China.

Bl Pope Urban’s Feast Day is the 19th December.

Bl. Pope Urban V:

Pray that we will embrace our duty to spread the teachings of the Risen Jesus to our family, friends and community.

Glory be to the…