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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Turibius Of Mongrovejo

St Turibius (1538 – 1606) was born into a noble family in Mayorga de Campos, Spain. He was highly academic, becoming a Professor of law at the University of Salamanca and Grand Inquisitor of Spain.

Image of St Turibius

St Turibius was ordained a Priest in 1578 and then transferred to Peru to minister. Later he was appointed Archbishop of Lima.

St Turibius, “learned local dialects so that he could communicate with and convert the native peoples, and he was a strong and effective champion of their rights”. His legacy included the construction of many hospitals, schools and chapels as well as the conversion of numerous souls. St Turibus is said to have predicted his own death in 1606.

St Turibius’ Feast Day is 23rd March.

St Turibus:

Pray for us that we will use our abilities fully, to share the teachings of Jesus with others.

Glory be to the…