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Timothy & Titus

Saints Timothy and Titus (Timothy: 17-97 & Titus: Died 107) were two of the many converts to Christianity inspired by St Paul. Letters from St Paul to Timothy and Titus are included in the New Testament.

Image of St Timothy

St Timothy was a native of Lycaonia; his mother a convert to Christianity. He travelled with Paul for three years preaching, converting and spreading Jesus’ Gospel. St Paul appointed St Timothy Bishop of Ephesus. St Timothy was beaten and stoned to death by pagans for preaching Christ’s teachings, aged 80yrs. He is the patron of stomach ailments, having been a sufferer himself.

Image of St Titus

St Titus was a Greek Gentile convert from Antioch. He served as St Paul’s secretary and interpreter and travelled with him on missions. St Paul appointed St Titus Bishop of Crete to continue his work while he travelled elsewhere. St Titus is the Patron Saint of Crete and the US Army Chaplain Corps.

St’s Timothy and Titus’ Feast Day is 26th January, the day after the feast of St Paul’s Conversion.

St’s Timothy & Titus:

Pray for us that we will become worthy to enter into the joys of eternal life.

Glory be to the…