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Tarasius of Constantinople

St Tarasius (730 – 806) was born the son of a high ranking judge in Constantinople, Turkey. He became an administrator, progressing to the post of imperial secretary to Emperor Constantine VI and his mother, Empress Irene.

Image of St Tarasios of Constantinople

At the age of 54, St Tarasius was appointed Patriarch of Constantinople. Although a layperson, he was well versed in Theology and such appointments weren’t unusual at that time. St Tarasius accepted the role on the promise that Church unity with Rome and other Patriarchs would be restored and the banned veneration of Church icons reinstated.

The use of Church icons was reestablished at the Seventh Ecumenical Council, despite the interference of mutinous soldiers, but St Tarasius’ dream of Church unity failed.

The Feast of St Tarasius is 25th February.

St Tarasius:

Pray for us that we will discover the joy of celebrating the endless love and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Glory be to the…