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Sabbas the Sanctified

St Sabbas (439-532) was born in Mutalaska, Cappadocia. He was the son of an army officer. At five, he was placed in his uncle’s care while his father tended to military matters. At eight, he went to a nearby monastery to study. He was a gifted child who enjoyed reading and learning scripture.

St Sabbas the Sanctified

Against his parents’ wishes, St Sabbas entered a monastery and followed a monastic way of life until he was 30. For most of that time, he remained in total isolation in a cave, only to leave for religious services and eat with his fellow Monks and Priests. St Sabbas attracted a following of many like-minded people.

In 484, St Sabbas founded the renowned Mar Saba Monastery, which still exists today. He was ordained a Priest in 491 and thereafter, establish other additional monasteries. Many miracles were attributed to him during his lifetime. He is greatly honoured in the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Churches.

St Sabbas’ Feast Day is the 5th December.

St Sabbas the Sanctified:

Pray that we will find the strength to bear our daily crosses patiently and offer our sufferings with the crucified Saviour to God His Almighty Father.

Glory be to the…