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Rupert of Salzburg

St Rupert (ca 660 – 710) is thought to have been a descendant of the Frankish Royal Merovingian family. He was appointed Bishop of Worms, a state in the Holy Roman Empire that extended across both sides of the River Rhine. Initially, he was welcomed as a “wise and devout” Bishop but later forced to leave by the mostly pagan community.

Image of St Rupert of Salzburg

St Rupert, responding to an invite by Duke Theodo of Bavaria, then travelled down the Danube visiting towns, preaching and converting many to Christianity. He also travelled to the ruined city of Juvavum, renamed it Salzburg and made it his base. There he reinvigorated Christianity, reestablished St Peter’s Abbey, founded Salzburg Cathedral and founded the Benedictine nunnery of Nonnberg. In addition, he introduced educational reforms and encouraged the development of saltworks on land he received from Duke Theodo.

St Rupert died on Easter Sunday. His remains are interned at Salzburg Cathedral.

St Rupert’s Feast Day is 27th March, the day of his death. He is the Patron Saint of Salzburg, Austria.

St Rupert:

Pray for us that despite our difficulties in life, we will never give up on our efforts to live by Jesus’ teachings.

Glory be to the…