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Rufus and Zosimus

St Rufus and Zosimus (Died 107/8 AD) were citizens of Antioch and Christian martyrs of the 2nd Century. They were executed two days prior to that of St Ignatius of Antioch during the reign of the Roman Emperor Trajan (53-117).

St Rufus
St Rufus

St Rufus and Zosimus had accompanied St Ignatius on a trip to Rome as far as Smyrna. They then travelled onwards through Philippi preaching Jesus’ Gospel (Polycarp’s Epistle to the Philippians).

In Rome, they were both arrested during the Emperor’s purge against Christians and killed in the Coliseum by wild beasts for the entertainment of the crowds.

St Rufus and Zosimus’ Feast Day is the 18th December.

St’s Rufus and Zosimus: 

Pray that we will use our gift of time to spread Jesus’ teachings to our family, friends and community. 

Glory be to the…