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Roderick & Solomon

St Roderick (Died 857) was one of the 48 Christian martyrs of Córdoba, executed by muslim conquerors.

Image of St Roderick

St Roderick was a Priest of Cabra. He had two brothers, one a “muslim convert,” the other a “lapsed Christian”.

During a fight between his two brothers, St Roderick attempted to break it up. However, the two brothers turned on him and severely beat him. The “muslim brother” then falsely proclaimed that St Roderick wished to renounce Islam and had him paraded through the streets. St Roderick remained loyal to his Christian faith so, his muslim brother claimed that he had committed apostasy (abandonment of his “muslim belief”). Despite the possibility of his imminent execution, St Roderick stood firm to his assured Christian practices and faith so, he was duly imprisoned.

While in prison, St Roderick met St Solomon who was also accused of apostasy. Together, they were beheaded.

St Roderick’s and St Solomon’s Feast Day is 13th March, the day of their death.

St Roderick:

Pray for us that we may become worthy to reap the promises made by Jesus Christ.

Glory be to the…