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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Ramon Llull

Bl. Ramon (1232 – 1315) was born into a wealthy family in Palma, Majorca. He received a good education, married and had two children. He was a tutor to various members of the royal family.

Sketch of Ramon Llull

Bl. Ramon described his early years as wasteful, compiling worthless songs and poems. He changed his lifestyle dramatically when one day, as he was about to write another song and looking to his side, he saw a vision of the Crucified Christ.

Bl. Ramon joined the Order of St Francis and, with new-found inspiration, studied theology and languages and then put them to good use through his writings and works of art. He travelled to many parts of Europe meeting Popes, Kings and other leaders to set up missionaries and convert Muslims to Christianity. His travels also included North Africa, insisting that conversion should be through prayer and not military force. On his last visit to North Africa, aged 82, he was stoned by an angry crowd of Muslims and died a martyr, from his injuries back in his Palma home.

Bl. Ramon’s Feast Day is the 30th June.

Bl. Ramon Llull:

Pray for us that we will see the crucified Christ in our daily prayers and works.

Glory be to the…