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Protus and Hyacinth or Protatius & Hyacinthus

St’s Protus and Hyacinth( Died ca 257-9) were brothers. They were baptised along with St Eugenia, daughter of Philip, “duke” of Alexandria and Governor of Egypt, and served as chambermaids to her.

Sketch of St Protus & St Hyacinth

St’s Protus and Hyacinth devoted their life to studying Scripture and lived as hermits.

They were arrested during Emperor Gallienus (260–268) reign and, refusing to relinquish their faith, they were either beheaded or burnt alive on the 11th September. The legend of St Eugenia also suggests that she was martyred at the same time.

The Feast Day of St’s Protus and Hyacinth is the 11th September.

St’s Protus and Hyacinth:

Pray that our hearts will be filled with compassion and a desire to help those lost in sin. 

Glory be to the…