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Porphyry of Gaza

St Porphyry (347 – 420) was born in Thessalonica, Greece.

Image of St Porphyry of Gaza

In his early religious life, St Porphyry worked in Palestine and then Jerusalem, committing himself to a routine of prayer and austerity.

At the age of 45, St Porphyry was appointed Bishop of Gaza. There he experienced, at first hand, the pagan hostility towards Christians; upon his arrival in Gaza, they claimed a severe drought was “the feet of Porphyry bring[ing] bad luck to the city”.

St Porphyry succeeded in obtaining a decree to have all pagan temples and idols removed from Gaza which, in turn, led to the cessation of paganism. At the site of the largest temple ruins, a new church was built at the expense of the then empress.

The Feast of St Porphyry is 26th February.

St Porphyry:

Pray for us that we will show by our daily example the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Glory be to the…