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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Pope St John I

Pope St John (470 – 526) was a native of Siena, Italy. Little is known about his early life but he was first made a deacon and later ordained a Priest.

Image of Pope St John I

His papacy was short-lived, less than three years. He was elected Pope in 523. Soon after, he was sent to Constantinople in Turkey by King Theodoric the Great, the ruler of an Italian Kingdom, to uphold Christian doctrines.

Pope St John was warmly welcomed on his arrival and his mission was mostly successful. However, King Theodoric had him arrested as soon as he returned to Italy on suspicion of having conspired with the Eastern Roman Emperor of Byzantine/Constantinople. He was imprisoned in Ravenna and died of neglect. His body was later transported to Rome and buried in the Basilica of St Peter.

His Feast Day is the 18th May, the anniversary of the day of his death.

Pope Saint John:

Pray for us that our faith in the promises of the Risen Jesus will never waver or fail.

Glory be to the…