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Peter Tarentaise

St Peter (1102 – 1174) was born at Saint Maurice, France. At 20, he joined the Cistercian Order and convinced his father and two brothers to follow him.

Image of St Peter Tarentaise

In 1132, he was appointed Abbot of Tamie Monastery and in 1142, Bishop of Tarentaise. St Peter reformed his Diocese with his inspirational leadership of the clergy and faithful. He established systems based on his monastic experience and built centres to help and feed the poor.

St Peter also assisted the Papacy, Pope Alexander I, who had to defend against the antipope Victor and conflicts involving King Louis VII of France and Henry II of England.

His Feast Day is the 8th May.

St Peter:

Pray for us that we will inspire others to follow the Gospel of Jesus through our daily actions.

Glory be to the…