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Patrick Of Ireland

St Patrick (5th Century) was born in Roman Britain; suggestions for the exact whereabouts of his home varies from Wales to Cumbria and Scotland.

Stain-glass image of St Patrick holding a Bishop's Staff.

At 16yrs, St Patrick was taken by a group of pirates to Ireland and held captive for 6yrs. During that time he converted to Christianity.

Escaping his captors, St Patrick returned to Britain and continued to study Christianity. It was then that he described receiving a vision in which he heard a voice saying, “We appeal to you …  come and walk amongst us”. St Patrick interpreted the message as being,  “The voice of the Irish”.

St Patrick returned to Ireland as a missionary, later becoming Bishop of Armagh. He “baptised thousands of people” and ordained many Priests to help spread the Christian faith across the island. He is attributed to also having banished snakes from the country.

St Patrick Feast Day is 17th March. He is the Patron Saint of Ireland and venerated in many other countries worldwide.

St Patrick:

Pray for us that we will remain faithful to our Catholic teachings and share them with others.

Glory be to the…